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Family Law

Family law can come into play at both the best and worst of times in life. There’s true joy in helping two people, embarking on lives together, to prepare a cohabitation agreement, and ensuring that these partners will continue on the right path when officially joining their lives together with what will become their domestic (marriage) contract. Unfortunately, though, family law may also come into play during some of the darkest times in our personal lives.

When your relationship ends, it’s important to have a family lawyer on your side who understands your situation, and can help represent you in working toward the best outcome. There may be no true ‘winners’ in a family dispute, but a caring and compassionate family lawyer will fight to protect your assets, your and your children’s best interests, and your future. The family law process can be long and complicated, and so having the right lawyer on your team helps ensure that you feel supported and prepared to face each step head-on.

We advise our clients on matters such as

Cohabitation agreements
and domestic contracts

Cohabitation agreements and domestic contracts

Separation agreements

Separation agreements

Division of assets
and property

Division of assets and property

Parenting agreements

Parenting agreements

Parenting time and
decision-making responsibility

Parenting time and decision-making responsibility

Child support

Child support payments

Negotiation, mediation, and arbitration

Negotiation, mediation, and arbitration

The right family lawyer will guide you through the entire process, and explain what steps you can take to help keep everything moving while keeping your budget in check. We work with you to provide the best advice for you, and your family, when it matters most.

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