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Wills and Estates

It’s simple to say that everyone should have a will, but there is more to consider beyond what a simple will kit or online will can provide, and other planning documents that you may want to include as well.

What happens if you are in a serious accident and survive, but can no longer make decisions for yourself? Who will determine what happens to your money and your property, or make decisions about your future medical care? What if you have young children or grandchildren, and want to set up their financial future in a way that helps set them on the right path? Issues such as guardianship of minors, disability trusts, and tax liability are far above and beyond what a simple will can provide.

Estate planning is the best thing that any of us can do now to control the things that are out of our control. We may not know when and how we’ll leave this Earth, but we can take steps to ensure that our assets are secure and that our loved ones are protected, and that we have the choice over who will take care of our interests when we cannot do so ourselves. A wills and estate planning lawyer can help you make strategic decisions about your personal estate plan, including how your assets will be divided, ensuring that your executor has clear instructions, and that trusts are set up so that your loved ones may benefit from your finances in the way that you see fit.

We regularly help our clients with

Draft a Will

Will drafting

Powers of attorney

Powers of attorney

including property and personal care


Secondary and
corporate wills

Secondary and corporate wills

Estate planning

Estate planning

including establishment of trusts and other devices e.g., Henson trusts for disabled beneficiaries

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We focus on providing some of the core legal services that are most needed by Durham Region residents, including wills and estates, family law services, and support for small businesses and employees in the region.

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