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Small Business

As a business owner you already know that you have certain legal obligations. Whether you’re reviewing a commercial lease for your store or office, writing and negotiating employment contracts, dealing with vendor and supplier agreements, or dealing with the affairs of your own business, you’ve encountered some of the laws that make a business run.

The laws that govern employers are constantly changing, and when you’re focused on your business, it can be nearly impossible to stay on top of everything that’s required. Whether you’re looking to start a business, dissolve a business, or are dealing with any issues in between, a lawyer can offer strategic advice that makes sure your interests are protected and you’re compliant with any legal requirements. If you’ve never worked closely with a lawyer before, have no fear! It’s never too late to start.

We help our clients with

Starting a

Starting a business/incorporation

Buying or selling a business

Buying or selling a business

real estate reviews

Commercial real estate reviews

Employment contracts

Employment contracts

Vendor and distributor

Vendor and distributor contracts

(service agreements)
Regulation and
compliance matters

Regulation and compliance matters

(e.g., policy development)
As a business owner your job should be focused on growing the business, on sales and marketing, and operations and business development. Let us worry about the law.

Consultation with Lamers Law

We focus on providing some of the core legal services that are most needed by Durham Region residents, including wills and estates, family law services, and support for small businesses and employees in the region.

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